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Privacy & Cookies policy

Protection of Personal Data

The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of the Company’s services are governed by the terms of this section as well as by the relevant provisions of the Greek Law 2472/1997 on the protection of the individual as far as personal data are concerned, as it has been complemented by the resolutions of the President of the Commission for Personal Data Protection, the Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and article 8 of the Law 2819/2000 and European law (directives 95/46/EC and 97/66/EC). The terms herein are written considering the rapid evolution of technology and especially that of the Internet and considering the existing - although not complete - context of legal provisions in relation with these issues. In this context, this section is subject to any potentially relevant provision. In any case, the company maintains the right to change the terms of personal data protection, after having informed the visitors/users and within the existing or potential legal context. If a visitor/user does not agree with the terms of personal data protection that are provided in this section, they must refrain from using the services of the company.

Personal data collected by the network

Subscription services

For the visitor/user to be subscribed to certain services of the Company, the following details are required: Full name/ Business Name - Address/ Registered office of the business - PC - Telephone - Email - fax - Vat Registration Number - Tax office (DOY) - City/ Town - Country. The details mentioned above are required for the issuance of the relevant receipts (fiscal), which are preserved in the financial records of the company. The Company may use these details to propose new subscription services to the subscriber or for other financial or informational purposes unless they do not wish for it. These details are never shared with third parties.


For the visitor/user to be subscribed to the mailing lists of the Company’s newsletters, the following details are required: Full name / Business Name - Email.

The company can keep a record with the emails of the recipients in order to send other messages than those of the Newsletters, of informational or economic nature,

unless the recipient does not wish to receive them.

Use of email

To provide the visitor / user with an email for the access to certain services of the Company, the following details are required: Full name / Business Name - Address / Registered office - PC - Telephone - City / Town - Country. These details are never shared with third parties, while it is the responsibility of the owner of the email to maintain the secrecy of its password and to not share it with third parties. The Company does not control the content of the emails that are sent by visitors / users via the provided by the network email. The Company keeps a record with the emails mentioned above and can send messages of informational and economic nature to the owners of the emails, unless they do not wish to receive them. The use of the email by its owner is accompanied by an information note which informs them about the protection of the information they send or receive and how to face related issues.


The visitor / user who is interested in being advertised by the Company, in order to receive all the necessary information that are related with it, will have to fill the relevant application with the following details: Full name /Business Name - Address / Registered office - Telephone - Fax - Email - Name of the person in charge - City / Town - Country. The Company is not responsible for the personal data protection policy that is applied by those advertised on its website during their transactions with the visitors / users of these services.


The Company may use cookies to identify the visitor / user of certain services and webpages of the Company (e.g. newsletters). Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor’s / user’s hard drive without gaining access on any document or file on their computer. They are used to facilitate the visitor’s / user’s access to the use of certain services of the Company, for statistical purposes, so the regions where the Company’s services are useful or popular can be determined, or for marketing purposes. The visitor / user of the Company can configure their server so that it warns them about the use of cookies by certain services of the Company or does not allow the use of cookies in any case. In the case that the visitor / user of these services and webpages of the Company do not wish the use of cookies that are used for their identification, they can not have any further access to these services.

Links to other sites

The Company includes links to other websites which are not controlled by the Company’s website, but by third parties (natural or legal persons). The Company shall not carry any responsibility regarding the Terms of Personal Data Protection that are applied by those third parties, in any case.

IP Addresses

The IP address, through which the PC has access to the Internet and subsequently to the Company, is only used for the gathering of statistical data.

General terms of personal data protection

The Company protects the personal nature of your data and does not have the right to transfer them to any third party (natural or legal person) for any reason, with the exception of relevant provisions and the transfer only to the competent authorities.

The Company keeps a record of the personal data, which are sent by the visitor / user, only for communication, economic and fiscal reasons. The visitor / user may contact the competent department in order to verify whether there is a record of their personal data, to make corrections, to change it or delete it. The visitors / users of the Company who are underaged have access to the Company’s services only with their parents’ or guardians’ consent and are not obliged to submit their personal data. In the case of underaged visitors / users who have submitted their data, the Company deletes the related information. The company and especially the marketing department may process part of or all the data that you have sent, for statistical and economic purposes as well as for the improvement of the provided services and information.